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Somerset Historic Environment Record


Site Name: Roman villa, Ham Hill, Stoke sub Hambdon
SCHEDULED MONUMENT: Hamdon Hill camp [No:100]
Civil Parish: Montacute
Part of:
PRN 55112Roman occupation, Ham Hill, S of Stoke sub Hamdon
Grid Ref: ST 4885 1650 (ST 41 NE)
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Image: Image of HER 56912 - Photo by Somerset County Council (05 July 1984)
  HER 56912 - Photo by Somerset County Council (05 July 1984)

Public access:

As far as we are aware this site is no longer visible. Please assume that this site is private property and do not visit without permission. [Information last updated on 16 December 2002]


Excavations in May 1907 and September 1912 in a field known as "the warren" in the SE portion of Ham Hill revealed the outlines of a corridor type Roman villa about 160ft by 40ft. The walls had an average thickness of 2ft and were built of faced Ham stone, while many of the rooms had concrete flooring overlain with tesserae. Finds included coins of the Constantinian family, Valentinian I, Gratin, Severus, Alexander and Carausius, two bronze bracelets, a little Samian, window glass, painted stucco, iron nails etc which are in Taunton Museum. {1}

Although the field is under the plough, there is no ground evidence to confirm the OS siting (ST48781652). {3}

The site is at the E side of the hillfort, where the stone rampart appears to have been levelled to form a terrace where Roman coins were found in the C19. Indicated by a scatter of tile and pottery fragments, also fire reddened stones. {4}

Geophysical survey (PRN 56909) located the villa, the plan agreed closely with that from the excavation indicating that the structure probably survives well. {5}

The excavation discovered two rooms that appeared to have had tesselated floors. {8}


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Record created in October 1997

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