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Somerset Historic Environment Record


Site Name: Church of St George and churchyard, Hinton St George
Civil Parish: Hinton St. George
PRN 15556Poulett vault, Hinton St George church
PRN 17835War memorial, Churchyard of St George, Hinton St George
PRN 57137Watching brief (2000), Hinton St George church
Grid Ref: ST 4184 1267 (ST 41 SW)
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Public access:

As far as we are aware this site is open to the public at certain times. [Information last updated on 10 December 2002]


Graveyard in use since at least medieval times. {1}

See PRN 57137 for burials in the churchyard. {3}

The parapet of the tower was examined during restoration work. Although supposed to date from c1500 a stone was discovered with a carved date of 1731 which may suggest that the decorative parapet may have been added then. The tracery on the north side has been marked out but never cut. In general there is little sign of more than one phase of construction although repairs are evident. {4}

See PRN 17835 for details of the war memorial in the churchyard. {6}

A stone table tomb belongs to William John Lydson, Earl Poulett who died in 1918 during WWI. {7}

Mason's marks found upon some of the wall fabric are said to tally with C13 marks found in Wells cathedral. The tower was constructed in the late C15 and Thomas Marsh, the rector left 4 towards its building in 1494. A large weather cock on the twoer dates to 1756. The church is also said to have three scratch dials. The north transept was rebuilt in 1814 by James Wyatt. The roof of the south aisle was rebuilt in the early C20 and one of the bosses is the head of Kitchener. The font dates to C13. There are some fine monuments to the Poulett family within the Poulett chapel. {8}

Mainly 15th century but the north wall of the nave is 12th century. The north chapels were refaced in the early 19th century. In normal use. {9}

During general repairs to the top of the tower all the fabric was inspected for evidence of construction phases. The tower itself dates to around 1500, though the decorative parapet has a carved date of 1731 and it was presumably added or rebuilt at that time. There was no evidence of more than one period of construction of the tower generally, though earlier repairs were evident. {10}


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Record created in November 1984

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