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Somerset Historic Environment Record


Site Name: Roman villa, Northfield Lane, Dinnington
Civil Parish: Dinnington
PRN 15453Evaluation (2002), Dinnington Villa
PRN 18679Geophysical Survey (2005), Northfield Lane, Dinnington.
PRN 31635Evaluation (2002), Dinnington Roman villa
Grid Ref: ST 404 135 (ST 41 SW)
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Image: Image of HER 53887 - Geophysics plot. Photo by Somerset County Council (2002)
  HER 53887 - Geophysics plot. Photo by Somerset County Council (2002)

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A Romano British site has been watched for a number of years because of surface finds of tesserae, roofing slates and pottery. Cropmarks were noticed in 1976 and three small holes dug on the site. A number of coins have been found and also a small bronze dog. {1}

The owner has a number of coins found with a metal detector. Three small holes were dug in 1976 which located a stone wall 0.5m wide and two areas of flooring. In spring 1977 the plough struck a stone and following investigation two ham stone slabs were found bedded on roofing material. They had been reddened by heat and a slab of melted lead lay on the top. This appeared not to be the remains of a burnt building - perhaps a metal workers hearth? {2}

The site is close to the villa at Seavington St Mary (PRN 53394) and so may be connected. {4}

Excavation in 2002 uncovered evidence of extremely large courtyard villa with several mosaics. See PRN 15453. {5}

Geophysical survey and excavation in 2002 revealed the main villa buildings to measure c. 120m x 70m in extent (PRNs 18313 and 15453). The villa is a double winged plan, containing three ranges of building, that was occupied mostly during the C3/C4 AD. At least two phases of building were noted with activity commencing in the late C1/early C2. The west wing was probably of C3/C4 date and consisted of a series of rooms linked by a corridor. The west wing contained at least three mosaics, with a possible fourth located overa hypocaust system. Evidence of painted plaster walls and painted ceiling tiles were also found. Evidence of substantial robbing of the structure was also seen. {6}

Further survey in 2005 revealed more of the context of the villa buildings as well as a clearer plan of the west wing. {7}

Four mosaics were recorded, some of which showed close parallels to those from Seavington St Mary (PRN 53394). {8}


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Record created in October 1984

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