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Somerset Historic Environment Record


Site Name: Record transferred to Exmoor National Park
Civil Parish: Dunster
PRN 34819Record transferred to Exmoor National Park
Grid Ref: SS 990 436 (SS 94 SE)
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The public accessibility of this site is unknown. Please assume that this site is private property and do not visit without permission. [Information last updated on 16 December 2002]


This site, formerly Benedictine Priory, Dunster has been transferred to the Exmoor National Park HER. The details below are those that were transferred and have not been updated. {1}

Dunster priory, situated to the N of the church and abutting on to it, was built by the monks of Bath as a cell of their abbey. The present buildings are but a fragment of their original and are in the form of an "L". The shorter piece, looking N, appears to have been the refectory in which there is a window dated not later than c1380. The longer side of the "L" appears to have always been offices, and a cloister ran from the priory along the N side of the church, perhaps as far as the chapel of St Lawrence. {2}

The priory was founded in 1090 and dissolved in 1539 with an income at the dissolution being £37. {3}

The surviving remains of the priory are incorporated into the house described above. This has been greatly altered and rebuilt and is now known as "The Old Priory". Pevsner considers that it was the Prior's house. The only external feature of note is a window in the S wall. {4}

The outline of the precinct boundary of the monastery is clear for perhaps two-thirds of its course. It was evidently bounded on the S by Church Street, on the W by St George's Street and on the E by the rear of the properties in High Street. {6}


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Record created in January 1988

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