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Somerset Historic Environment Record


Site Name: Marston Moat, S of Moat Farm, Trudoxhill
SCHEDULED MONUMENT: Marston Moat [No:29779]
Civil Parish: Trudoxhill
Grid Ref: ST 7674 4381 (ST 74 SE)
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Image: Image of HER 24736 - Photo by Somerset County Council (23 July 1985)
  HER 24736 - Photo by Somerset County Council (23 July 1985)

Public access:

The public accessibility of this site is unknown but it should be visible from a public right of way. Please assume that the site is private property. [Information last updated on 17 December 2002]


Marston Moat is the site of the mansion of the Bigot family, of whom Richard incurred the displeasure of Edward II, fortifying it without licence. Not a stone now remains. {1}

The farmer says that he ploughed up paving slabs within the moated area many years ago, but it has now become completely overgrown by thorn and hazel bushes and nothing is distinguishable. The water filled moat and substantial outer bank are still well preserved. {2}

Probably the home of the Bigots, a branch of the great Norfolk house, from before 1195 into the reign of Edward II, and was probably leased as a farmhouse by the reign of Edward IV. {5}

Scheduling affirmed with new national number on 24 Sept 1997 (was Somerset 358). {6}

The site is in generally good condition with the exception of badger disturbance which is becoming severe in places. {7}


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Record created in October 1985

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