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Somerset Historic Environment Record


Site Name: Wookey Hole Cave, Wookey Hole
Civil Parish: St. Cuthbert Out
Grid Ref: ST 5319 4801 (ST 54 NW)
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Public access:

As far as we are aware this site is open to the public at certain times. [Information last updated on 18 December 2002]


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Wookey Hole cave was excavated in 1911 and later by Balch, revealing an average of 4-7ft of stratification, mostly Iron age sealed by Romano-British. Finds included a silver coin of Marcia (124BC), pottery from early Iron age to Romano British, iron weapons and tools, bronze ornaments, and Roman coins from Vespasian to Valentinian II. Further work in 1926-7, again by Balch, produced many similar finds mainly from the upper RB levels. Investigation of the river bed within the cave by divers in 1947-9 produced RB bowls and lead ewers, part of an C11-12 cooking pot, and two late C17 glass bottles. A considerable number of human bones associated with RB material was also found. Some of the pottery found by Balch was of Glastonbury type, and there were distinct resemblance between skulls found at Glastonbury and Wookey. A silt bank in the previously inaccessible fourth chamber, known as "Holy Hole", was excavated over short periods in 1973-7. Remains of at least 10 individuals were found accompanied by RB pottery and C2-3 ornaments. The burials here, and in other parts of the cave, may have been ritual, as they were almost all of young people and apparently not of entire bodies. {1}

An area was excavated in chamber 4 to investigate the sources of human bone found by the divers in 1946. 1350 pieces of human bone representing at least 28 individuals were discovered some in situ and associated with bronze jewelry and coins of 260-74. These had been disturbed by activity, including a fireplace, of probable C18 date. {10}

The caves represent a significant element in a pattern of Iron Age and Romano-British cave usage which includes sites throughout the Mendip Hills. Unfortunately the quantity of material found by Balch is not known and not all of his finds were published or recorded. Finds include pottery, coins, objects of copper alloy, lead, iron, stone and bone. The finds suggest that Romano-British occupation roughly began around the early second century to the late fourth century AD. The occupation appears to be domestic as the pottery includes cooking and eating vessels. Animal bones were discovered along with simple bone jewellery and tools. {11}


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Record created in October 1985

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