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Somerset Historic Environment Record


Site Name: Badger Hole cave, Wookey Hole
SCHEDULED MONUMENT: Badger Hole, Wookey [No:13257]
Civil Parish: St. Cuthbert Out
Grid Ref: ST 5324 4795 (ST 54 NW)
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The public accessibility of this site is unknown or has not been checked. Please ask locally and do not visit without permission. [Information last updated on 21 May 2003]


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Badger Hole is a high level cave situated above Hyena Den. It was first excavated in 1938 and subsequently by Balch, who discovered stratified evidence of human occupation. In the top two feet a C3 Roman coin was found together with hundreds of fragments of RB pottery. 1ft lower down Aurignacian flint implements including knives and a lance head were revealed, associated with a series of Pleistocene animal remains including mammoth, woolly rhinoceros and hyena. In 1958 a sounding was made some distance from the main overhang at the cave entrance. A number of artefacts, and a considerable number of Pleistocene fauna were revealed. The main finds are in Wells museum. {1}

Scheduled 3 September 1992. {6}

On the E side of Wookey Hole ravine, about 20m above the present valley floor and 11m below the plateau. Large cave mouth 10m wide by 3m high forming a sheltered, well lit entrance area, with a modern retaining wall at the front. Two short passages lead back into a chamber 6m high, at the back of which is a hole opening to the plateau above. Under the opening is a cone of deposit. Excavations uncovered Early Upper Palaeolithic finds including leaf points and lithic tools, and evidence for a Mesolithic burial c9000 years ago. The cave served as a burial place in the late Roman period and there is a villa site on the hillside above Undisturbed deposits may survive at the back of the cave, on the walls and under excavation spoil at the mouth. {7}

In generally good condition, although the wall forming the boundary of the site has fallen and may need to be replaced. {24}

Flint artefacts of various ages have been found around the entrance and it is clear that badgers have disturbed the deposits but it is possible to identify an Early Upper Palaeolithic component. Various attempts have been made to date the finds, the best radiocarbon determination being 36ka BP from a bone associated with a blade-point. Human remains were once considered to be palaeolithic but have been shown to be either Early Mesolithic or Romano-British. {25}

The radiocarbon date (36,000±450 OxA-11963) is similar to others associated with blade-points and suggests that these are earlier than previously thought (29-27ka BP). This suggests that these artefacts form part of the earliest Upper Palaeolithic in Britain, possibly associated with Neanderthals. {26}


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Record created in October 1985

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