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Somerset Historic Environment Record


Site Name: Westbury Camp hillfort, north of Stoke Woods, Rodney Stoke
SCHEDULED MONUMENT: Westbury Camp, slight univallate hillfort, 750m north of Stokewood Cottage [No:29039]
Civil Parish: Rodney Stoke
PRN 25689Lime kiln, Westbury Camp, Rodney Stoke
PRN 30295Earthwork survey (2007), Westbury Camp, Rodney Stoke
Grid Ref: ST 49200 51100 (ST 45 SE)
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Public access:

As far as we are aware all or part of this site lies on land that is open to the public under the Countryside and Rights of Way Act 2000 (Open Access Land, expires 30/09/09). [Information last updated on 14 May 2003]


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Westbury camp is sited on a hill slope. On the north-east the defences, consisting of a mound with outer ditch, has largely been destroyed by small quarries As the defences go down the hill slope they become weaker. {1}

Westbury Camp appears to be a non-defensive iron age earthwork enclosure. It consists of a weak bank and ditch, degenerating into little more than a scarp on the lower south side, with a simple entrance at the north end of the east side. The very narrow top of the bank suggests that it may have been surmounted by a dry stone wall. Along part of the east side there are traces of a berm between the bank and the outer ditch and at the westt angle shallow quarry pits occur internally and externally set back from the "rampart". The situation at the end of the spur strongly suggests that this is an unfinished hillfort. {3}

A large irregular shaped enclosure defined by a low bank with some associated fields (PRN 24270) to the NW and SE on the SW-facing slope of Mendip. {5}

Barrow within the fort (PRN 24280). {8}

The site shows clearly on a photograph taken by West Air. {9}

Scheduling revised with new national number (was Somerset 437) on Jan 31 1997. {11}

In January 2007, a topographical survey (PRN 30295) of Westbury Camp was undertaken as part of English Heritage's archaeological survey of the Mendip Hills Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty (AONB). The survey confirmed that Westbury Camp is a univallate hillfort of late prehistoric date. It comprises a sub-rectangular enclosure defined by an earth and stone rampart, with an outer ditch and bank on two sides. A single gap entrance is located towards the north-eastern corner of the hillfort and there is a Bronze Age barrow (PRN 24280) near its centre. The simple form of the enclosure and entrance, the modest size of the rampart, and the earthwork evidence for a box rampart construction all suggest Westbury Camp dates from the earliest period of hillfort construction. {12}


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Record created in July 1985

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