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Somerset Historic Environment Record


Site Name: Barrow, Small Down Camp, Evercreech
SCHEDULED MONUMENT: Small Down Knoll camp [No:257]
Civil Parish: Evercreech
Part of:
PRN 23502Barrow cemetery, Small Down Hillfort, Evercreech
Grid Ref: ST 6662 4063 (ST 64 SE)
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Public access:

As far as we are aware this site is open to the public at certain times. (Open Access Land, expires 30/09/06). [Information last updated on 14 May 2003]


Possible simple bowl barrow or natural mound 50ft diameter and 3ft high (T400). {1}

Barrow 14 paces diameter and 3ft high (Evercreech 12). Opened by Skinner - primary series collared urn inverted, half full of ashes 4ft from the top and resting on a stone slab. Urn given to Rev Jacob Fussell (1788-1867), Rector of Doulting, who presented it to Taunton Museum in 1865. {2}

Also excavated by H. St. G Gray in 1904 (his Trench 7). Nothing was found apart from a few flint flakes and a red earthenware pitcher probably left by Skinners party. {4}

Mound 13m diameter and 1.75m high with good turf cover. {5}

Scheduled as AM 257n. Contained within hillfort (PRN 23483) and barrow cemetery (PRN 23502). {10}


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Record created in May 1985

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