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Somerset Historic Environment Record


Site Name: Extensive Cropmarks, SW of Cheddar
Civil Parish: Rodney Stoke, Axbridge, Cheddar
PRN 10338Roman settlement site, Monk Moor, Cheddar
PRN 10345Roman salt site, Cheddar
PRN 11120Duck decoy, west of Nyland Hill, Nyland
PRN 11427Roman pottery find, Nyland Drove, Cheddar
PRN 12171Roman settlement remains, Monk Moor
PRN 24253Duck decoy, Stoke Moor, Rodney Stoke
PRN 24254Duck decoy, E of Barrow Wood Lane, Westbury
PRN 24283Romano British settlement site, Stoke Moor
PRN 24297Roman pottery find, Stoke Moor, Rodney Stoke
PRN 24298Banks and enclosures, Stoke Moor
PRN 28877Earthwork survey and watching brief (1992), Box Farm, Theale
Grid Ref: ST 44 49 (ST 44 NW) ST 44 50 (ST 45 SW) ST 44 51 (ST 45 SW) ST 45 49 (ST 44 NE) ST 45 50 (ST 45 SE) ST 45 51 (ST 45 SE) ST 45 52 (ST 45 SE) ST 46 48 (ST 44 NE) ST 46 49 (ST 44 NE) ST 46 50 (ST 45 SE) ST 46 51 (ST 45 SE) ST 47 48 (ST 44 NE) ST 47 49 (ST 44 NE) ST 47 50 (ST 45 SE)
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Aerial photographs reveal a complex and extensive area of cropmarks, interpreted as a Romano-British landscape. They comprise field systems, settlements, a canal and causeways. The features survive as earthworks and are visible as vegetational changes. {1}

Two possible Roman roads observed running from Nyland Hill (ST457504) to the Lyde Lane-Bradley Cross junction (ST470525), and Cocklade (ST441495) to Calcott Farm (ST469519). {3}

An analysis and aerial photographic transcription of the Roman remains on Monk Moor and its environs. {4}


1 Description - McDonnell, R. The Upper Axe Valley an interim statement. Somerset Archaeology and Natural History  123 (1979), 75-82
2 Map - McDonnell, RRJ. Somerset Claylands survey maps. (1984-86) Aerial photo plotting sheets. Location: HER collections. (ST44NE, ST45SW, ST45SE)
3 Description - Vowles, R. Report on Discovery of Two Possible Ancient Trackways Beween the Mendip Hills and Wedmoor.  (1996) Unpublished typescript report. Location: HER files.
4 Mention - Grove, J. Reclamation and utilisation of the upper Axe Valley during the Roman period.  (1996) MA disertation, University of Bristol. Location: HER files under PRN 11237.
5 Description - Grove, JC. Reclamation and utilisation of the upper Axe vally during the Roman period. Archaeology in the Severn Estuary  13 (2002), 65-87

Record created in January 1995

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