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Somerset Historic Environment Record


Site Name: Post Track, Shapwick Heath
SCHEDULED MONUMENT: Sections of the Sweet Track, the Post Track and associated remains 500m north east of Moorgate Farm [No:27978]
  Sections of the Sweet Track and Post Track, 650m east of Canada Farm [No:27979]
Civil Parish: Shapwick
Part of:
PRN 10739Sweet Track, Shapwick Heath
Grid Ref: ST 422 402 (ST 44 SW)
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A predecessor to the Sweet Track (see PRN 10739). It was on roughly the same alignment and traces were beneath the Sweet Track and, in 1980, slightly to the W at ST42204020. It appears to have been the preliminary access route for the builders of the Sweet Track. Marker posts were driven in at c3m intervals and heavy planks of ash and lime ran between the posts. The planks were unpegged and not raised above the marsh. The structure appears to have been dismantled and the planks plundered for use as rails in the Sweet Track. {1}

Trackway dated to 3838BC by dendrochronology (i.e. 30 years older than Sweet Track). {2}


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Record created in April 1983

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