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Somerset Historic Environment Record


Site Name: Cadbury Castle, Castle and later acitivity, South Cadbury
SCHEDULED MONUMENT: Large multivallate hillfort and associated earthworks at South Cadbury [No:22904]
Civil Parish: South Cadbury
Part of:
PRN 55105Cadbury Castle, South Cadbury
Grid Ref: ST 628 251 (ST 62 NW)
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Public access:

As far as we are aware this site is open to the public at certain times. (Open Access Land, expires 30/09/08). [Information last updated on 14 May 2003]


See PRN 55105 for main hillfort entry. {1}

In 1209 40 marks were paid by King John towards cost of works at the castle of 'Cadebi', which may be Cadbury. In excavations (PRN 22948) at the SW gate there was some evidence of a wall later that the burh gateway but the form of this was unclear. If Cadbury was fortified during C13 the works were on a very small scale. {2}

There is evidence of Tudor and later antiquarian interest in the site following the identification of the site with Camelot by Leland. The late wall found on the ramparts, and in the area of the gateway could be associated with the owners (at North Cadbury Court, PRN 52229), possibly related a use of the site as a deerpark and built in a "medieval style".

It is also just possible that the cruciform foundation on the hill (see PRN 54555) also dates to this period and be intended to support a "prospect house". This and other features on the top are dated by pottery in the backfill to the Late Saxon period but the pottery could be residual. This would explain references by Stukeley to "squared stones" and "door-jambs with hinges". {3}


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3 Detailed records - Morgan Evans, D. 'King Arthur' and Cadbury Castle, Somerset. Antiquaries Journal 86 (2006), 227-53

Record created in November 1995

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