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Somerset Historic Environment Record


Site Name: Park Southill House, West Cranmore
Civil Parish: Cranmore
Grid Ref: ST 673 426 (ST 64 SE)
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Public access:

The public accessibility of this site is unknown or has not been checked. Please ask locally and do not visit without permission. [Information last updated on 21 May 2003]


Park associated with Southill House shown on OS 6" map. {1}

Probable Post Medieval garden features were identifed as earthworks during a recent survey of aerial photographs in the park associated with Southill House. They cover an area of 744m by 488m.

Banks and ditches forming a roughly rectangular enclosure were identified immediately to the south of the house covering an area of 131m by 69m.

Three sides of another rectangular enclosure are located immediately to the southeast of this feature, formed of ditches and covering an area of 183m by 59m.

Immediately to the southwest of the house are banks and ditches forming three sides of a rectangular enclosure and covering an area of 60m by 37m.

To the west of the house are three banks covering an area of 120m by 42m. Throughout the park are scattered parallel and perpendicular banks measuring up to 63m in length.

The rectangular enclosures may be the earthwork remains of planting areas or formal gardens. The other banks seen throughout the park may be the remains of garden features, such as paths or planting areas.

Walls and buildings were identified and mapped from aerial photographs of the 1940s, within a walled garden to the east of Southill house.

To the northwest of Southill house is a probable Post Medieval tree enclosure ring, centred on ST 6683 4275. Two banks with an internal ditch lead from either side of the enclosure ring oriented east-west, to a distance of 16m to the west and 107m to the east. Two banks are visible at the eastern end of the banks and ditch, one running off to the south and one to the east which may be associated with the park features.

The earthworks visible within the Park are probably the earthwork remains of Post Medieval landscaping work. The tree enclosure ring, while outside the previously noted extent of the park, is probably associated with it. The banks and ditch leading from it may be the remains of a path which connected the tree enclosure ring with the park. This may indicate that the park was previously larger in size. {2}


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Record created in April 1985

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